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Townsville Builder New Home Warranty and Guarantees

When choosing the right builder, the New Home Warranty and Builders Guarantees are very important aspects to consider with care and attention. All builders licenced with The Queensland Builders and Construction Commission (QBCC) must pay a premium for New Home Warranty. The amount is included as part of your contract, and is paid before work begins. This warranty covers the home for Structural and Non Structural defects. Structural defects come with a 7 year cover and Non Structural defects come with a 12 month cover. All cover starts from the date of Practical Completion. This warranty is provided and enforced by the QBCC. The certificate of currency must be submitted to the Building Certifier prior to Building Approval being granted and work starting. It’s important to have a signed contract with your builder. Apart from being a legal requirement, it ensures that you have access to the full range of benefits under the Home Warranty Scheme.

What is builder’s new home warranty insurance supposed to cover you for?

Builders warranty insurance is designed to provide cover for you against incomplete or defective workmanship in the event that the builder:

  • dies
  • disappears
  • refuses to rectify a defect
  • becomes insolvent / bankrupt or
  • is deregistered.

Some owners ask the big question, ‘What happens after this warranty expires?’ Some builders offer no protection at all once the QBCC New Home Warranty expires. Some builders provide limited additional protection, but you need to read the fine print in the Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee. At Tribute Homes we provide additional protection with our Three Guarantees. The guarantees provide 1 Year, 7 Years and 50 Years or protection against defects. The 50 year guarantee covers all structural defects that could occur during this time frame. Visit our Website to Learn More.

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