Termites and Your New Home

Termites in Wall


When building a new home, careful consideration should be given to all pest control management systems. However, the most invasive and destructive pest are the subterranean termites (white ants). Termites are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction. They can cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and cyclones combined. The termite has found its place. It has mouth parts that chew up wood bit by bit. But its real trick is that it carries special bacteria that can digest the cellulose fibers that make up wood. By being home to the special bacteria, termites can do something other animals cannot.

Are termites covered by homeowners insurance?
Termite Structural Damage. In an average year, termites are responsible for $1 billion to $2 billion in property damage. Most of this damage is not covered by standard homeowner insurance policies. Termite infestations commonly go undetected until obvious signs of damage occur.

There are numerous ways to protect your new home against termites. The best is visual inspection of ares you can inspect and treatment of the areas you can not. Most builders use only two or three systems of protection. To ensure our homes are never damaged from a termite attack, we use four systems of protection. These four levels are;

  1. All materials subject to termite attack are treated with an environmentally friendly system,
  2. All penetrations through the floor where you cannot inspect are protected with a termite resistant collar, to prevent entry and to destroy the termite.
  3. The entire edge of the floor, under the external walls, is protected with a barrier that is guaranteed for 50 years, and
  4. Lastly, proactive visual inspections conducted annually with the owner at the house to ensure all visible areas of the house and around the house are free of termites.

These four levels ensure maximum protection against North Qld home owners No.1 pest. To inspect the systems and Learn More visit our Display Home at COSGROVE.


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