Join Tribute Home's exclusive club of 30 new home owners in 2015/16 Financial Year

To provide the best customer service possible to home buyers, Tribute Homes sets itself a realistic limit of 30 new homes per year. In doing so, we aim at paying personal attention to each and every customer and creating a club of highly satisfied home buyers.

Build with Tribute Homes in 2015/16 and win!

Build a home with us in 2015/16 and stand a very good chance of being the one person from 30, or less, of winning $30,000 dollars cash reimbursement.*

Why do we do it? How can we do that?

A good building company strives to monitor and maintain quality and customer service effectively. Therefore, Tribute Homes will not build any more than 30 residential properties in any one financial year. This is our pledge. So Join the Club and have your Family Home built by a company that will ensure you come first!

To ensure this limit is not exceeded, towards the end of each financial year, Tribute Homes will throw a party, during which one lucky club member will win a customer cash reimbursement of $30,000.* How can we do that? We understand that by building a quality product and treating our customers right, more customers will follow. We don’t focus on the bottom line; we focus on YOU, our customer, and let the rest take care of itself.

*Important Conditions

To become a Tribute Homes Club member of the 2015/16 financial year, a contract must be signed and the standard 5% deposit must be paid. The customer reimbursement prize will only apply, and be drawn when, and if, we sell a minimum of 20 homes in the 2015/16 financial year.  The total number of homes built within a single financial year will not exceed 30. If we don’t sell a minimum of 20 homes in the 2015/16 financial year, there will be no cash reimbursement draw.  The cash reimbursement will not carry over to the following year. The customer reimbursement will be paid to the winner of the draw in three installments over three consecutive months. It is limited to one entry per customer that builds with Tribute Homes in 2015/16. Where a customer comprises of more than one person, that customer is still only entitled to one entry. The cash reimbursement will only be paid to the winner once we are satisfied the customer has paid all monies due to us in accordance with their building contract. We reserve the right to deduct monies due to us from the cash reimbursement. We reserve the right to take a raincheck, to vary the terms and conditions of the competition, to cancel or suspend the promotion.


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