How To Increase Living Space and Save Money

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How to Increase Living Space in a New Home. To get started we need to mention again the two main styles of construction in North Queensland. Firstly, concrete filled Masonry Block and secondly Insulated External Walls. The later is more commonly referred to as Queenslander Style. Originally, the two styles were never constructed with insulation in the external walls.  Although, as technology progressed and global warming became more apparent, the queenslander style of construction advanced with insulated walls.

In terms of living space, the size of the external walls becomes very important. The Masonry Block is 200mm wide and the Insulated External Wall is 100mm wide. It is now cost motivating when you consider the following fact. A house construction cost includes the entire foot print of the home. The living space of a home is considerably reduced when the external wall is built on and around the edge of the foot print. The space that the external wall occupies can never be reclaimed as usable space, as it is gone for good.

With this in mind, it is important to not only consider energy efficiency of the external wall, but also the space it occupies. Sure you can insulate masonry block walls, but this then creates an even wider wall and the loss of even more living space.

Next blog talks about how strong Timber Insulated External Walls are for cyclones.

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