Essential First Step Site Assessment

A Vacant Land Site Assessment is the essential first step you must make before building a new home.

Why? Watch the video to learn more.

Whether you currently own vacant land, or you are looking at purchasing vacant land with the intent to build a new home. The first step is a Site Assessment of vacant land. This assessment will identify the cost associated with building a new home on that land. Time and time again, we have seen clients buy land without any additional searches being conducted prior to settlement. A conveyancing solicitor is required to conduct certain searches to settle a land contract. However, the additional searches that these solicitors offer to you at additional cost, are very rarely conducted. These searches are the vital indicators of any additional cost when construction starts. These searches give you all the information required to make a fully informed decision, prior to purchasing or signing a building contract. Once that contract is signed and construction starts, the building approval process will identify matters that affect the site. Some of these matters can blow the contract price by tens of thousands and more.

I like to think of it as a small price to pay now, to allow you to change the design, choose another block of land or to accommodate the cost in your budget.

Benefits of a Site Assessment

Tribute Homes offer these searches, a lot more analysis and  inspections at a fraction of the price charged by a conveyancing solicitor. Why do we make this reduced offer?  A Site Assessment will prevent unpleasant surprises for the owner. Especially when the surprise is an extra expense that blows the budget. It will also prevent delays in the build time. It enables a smooth and more enjoyable building experience for both the owner and builder. Additionally, we can assist you in making the correct decision for you. Also this will assist us custom the right design for that land, within your budget.

Only $97 for all this information.  A small investment for a wealth of knowledge and the benefits.

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