It Makes Sense, Insulate Your External Walls!


Insulated Exterior Walls a must with every home built in hot climates.

Have you ever wondered why most builders in North Queensland insulate the roof of a new home, but not the external walls? After all, the sun shines on more than just the roof. When choosing a new home design a lot of factors need to be considered. In order to make a fully informed decision, all of these factors need to be known. The most important of these factors is insulation. To really appreciate the effectiveness of insulation, you need to know how the suns energy impacts on the interior of a home. Firstly, unless you completely shade or insulate the entire exterior of a home, the sun’s heat/energy will penetrate to the inside. As a result, it becomes uncomfortable to live naturally and the Air Conditioners run constantly. All material absorbs heat/energy from the sun in some degree, and will in turn radiate that heat to the other side. Therefore, careful selection of material used to construct the external walls of a home is very important. Consider the following designs;

  1. Masonry block walls with steel reinforcement (cyclone strength) and core filled with more concrete.
  2. Timber framed walls with steel and timber reinforcement (cyclone strength), an external lining of reflective foil, 70 mm bulk wool insulation and finally a 20 mm air cavity.

How does each of these designs work in the heat of the tropics? Read more

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